The Decor

Trader vic's

The spirit of the island will drive you into another place, perfect for a little break.

Entering through the front door, Trader Vic's will conjure up visions of beaches, moonlight and exoticism. The colonial entranceway will lead you to the traditional island-style atmosphere. Walk through the wooden columns and obsolete anchors and as if you look up you will find Polynesian artifacts hanging from the ceiling. As you end up on the wooden bar and lounge in the comfort of our wicker chairs you will feel transported to a new world where you can leave your cares behind.

With salsa rhythm and percussions, our band will digress you to a beach where the sun just went down. From 8pm to late night, the mood becomes relaxed and sensual, with our Latin rhythms creating an exotic vibe to dance to.



Trader vic's

The salsa rhythms of the band will definitely warm you up, as you sip your personally tailored cocktail.

If you don't want to stand at the bar, choose your seats and dive into the Polynesian atmosphere. The high stools and comfortable wicker chairs give an old-fashioned style. Think Key West, Cuba and Polynesia combined. The salsa rhythms of the band will definitely warm you up as you sip through your refreshments of the evening. As the night progresses, get ready to let your hair down as the beats echo through your body and get you dancing.