Main DIningTrader Vic's is a pleasure for your mind – a treasure to be discovered. The secret of this place is the perfect blend of the delicious flavors from the kitchen and the comforting ambience of the island. A meticulous brigade of chefs and team of welcoming staff, the "fusion" concept is pushed to perfection.

The restaurant offers fusion cuisine with a trendy twist in every concept – Woks, wood-fired oven, curries, tidbits - without forgetting the Polynesian dishes, the "Trader Vic's traditions". The wood-fired oven offers a unique method of cooking, the seasoned white oak wood delivering distinctive flavors that will spice up any meal.

The main dining, located at the heart of Trader Vics's, offers the possibility to dine by the window with a surrounding view on the lagoon, on the comfortable sofa under the high ceiling or in the intimate and romantic corners. With high ceilings, traditional artifacts and polished wooden furnishings, we excite the mind and bring , "the spirit of the island" into everyday life.


the terrace

Main Dining With a wonderful terrace and the best view throughout Bahrain, Trader Vic's will enhance any dining occasion. When the stars light up the sky , relax, chill out and escape to our enchanting terrace. Through the palm trees and fountains, the Warm waters of the Gulf will reveal its greatest charm. A relaxing trip to the island, that - there is no doubt - you will try again. Trader Vic's redefines the alfresco experience, the reason why we are always the most adored outdoor experience.