The Private rooms

Private Rooms


Opposite the bar, this glass enclosed room is definitely impressing. A collection of wines gives a backdrop of pure luxury yet at the same time is small, intimate and a cozy atmosphere, perfect for corporate meetings or family friendly dinners. The subdued lighting and the high quality furnishings add to the premium feel of the intimacy. Situated directly beside the kitchen, your meals will arrive on time and steaming hot, yet again impressing those in attendance.
Capacity: up to 10 people

Private Rooms


If you are interested in a corporate meeting, all the set up can be made for you in one of the more of the Trader Vic's private room. Not completely excluded from the crowd, the room will take your mind to the island with framed paintings of Monsieur Paul Gauguin himself. If you need a friendly group dinner, the place will turn into a real live cooking station with a great view on the wood-fired oven which will be utilized to cook all your BBQ orders. This private room meets all your expectations, offering a warm and friendly atmosphere, that will put your guests into the perfect mood for business.
Capacity: up to 20 people


This private room offers privacy and flexibility. With its separate kitchen and private restrooms, you can be ensured you and your guests will not be disturbed. The lower ceiling and its private terrace, will guarantee an intimate and a cozy atmosphere, perfect for corporate meetings or family friendly dinners. The subdued lighting and the high quality furnishings, on top of the magnificent view on the outdoor garden will provide you and your guest an exclusive venue.
Capacity: up to 70 people


Mai Tai is a trendy twist on Trader Vic's vision. Sink into our Mai Tai lounge and enjoy a unique evening with your love or your beloved friends! After redesigning and renovating this most favored outlet Mai Tai lounge is modern, trendy and extremely comfortable. Mai Tai lounge is the place to chill out and relax with cocktails in the hand and fresh bar bites. The lighting scheme warms you up, and the music drives you into the world of Tiki's. mai tai lounge is as close to an complete escape from the every day that one can enjoy. Tropical breezes, relaxed ambience and cooling cocktails. Who could refuse Mai Tai cocktails while watching the sun go down?


Trader Vic's is all about Polynesian lifestyle, traditions and pleasure. Whether you want a romantic dinner or dining as a group, Trader Vic's has something for you. Our full menus cater for all tastes and discussions with our chef can transform our menu into your very own menu of choice. Salads, wok, tidbit, large dishes, our a la carte choices or even dishes to be shared, the lifestyle, flavors and tastes of the Polynesian islands is yours to enjoy.

We even cater for "light fare" choices for those who mind their diets.
Keeping the traditions, Trader Vic's Bahrain offers the best, freshest and tastiest cuisine for your exotic dining experience.

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